Prevent Overeating at Work with These Strategies

Stress? It should be listed on most job descriptions as part of the daily routine. There’s the stress of customers, deadlines, tight budgets, and too much work. And while stress can lead to all sorts of unhealthy behaviors, one of the trip-ups that happens to us at work when we’re stressed is eating—too much of it and the wrong things, too.

And stress plus eating isn’t something that affects just a few people; almost half of us engage in overeating or eating something that’s bad for us every week—at least. If we take the opposite tactic—skipping meals—that just leads to grumpiness, yet another source of stress at work.

So what then can you do in order to better manage not only your stress but your eating habits at work? For starters—start your day well by actually eating breakfast. While you’re doing that, also take the time to pack healthy items to eat.

Want more ideas to max out health, not eating, at work? Try the ideas in this graphic.

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