What Is Stopping You?

How many times have you told yourself “I will start eating healthy tomorrow” or “Starting Monday I am going to start going back to the gym”?  Sound familiar?  Have you made these promises to yourself over and over again but can’t figure out what’s stopping you? 

The answer might be easier than you think; usually it’s as simple as really committing to your fitness goals with NO EXCUSES.  Below are three common excuses that you might be telling yourself and Nadia Murdock Fit has the solution.  

Excuse: I have no time

In life we need to make time for things that are important to us.  I am a strong believer in a short workout is better than no workout.  Find ways to squeeze in a workout during your regular day whether it’s taking the stairs or doing calf raises while waiting online at the supermarket just make sure you are making an effort! Ideally you want to include 3 days of physical activity for 30 minutes a week. Over time try increasing your workouts to 5 days a week.

Excuse: I am not in shape

We all have to start somewhere!  I remember when I first started my fitness regime I had the same fear, it was one of the many hurdles I had to overcome.  One trick that worked for me was going to they gym at off hours, with the gym being less crowded I felt less intimidated.   Over time I built the confidence and strength to join classes and engage with fellow gym goers who ended up becoming an amazing support system.

Excuse: I have no money for a gym membership

This was another hurdle I faced initially.  As a college student I did not have expendable income to splurge on a gym membership so I created an at home gym with a DVD’s, handheld weights and resistance bands.  Another option that is free is the great outdoors!  Think of your local parks, high school track, front steps of your home, the options are endless!  


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