Sexy and Healthy Valentine's Day Meals

This is the time of year to really show loved ones how much you love them. Sure gifts are great but why not get things hot and streamy in the kitchen with delicious healthy meals you can create together?  Did I mention this also gets your sex drive in high gear too?!  Make these healthy dishes tomorrow and everyday to increase your libido!

Make one or all of my suggestions tomorrow for a romantic and healthy by whipping up a few of my suggestions below. 

Watermelon Cocktail: 8% of a watermelon slice (mostly water) is packed with vital nutrients that aide in reeving up your sex drive. Start the evening with a watermelon cocktail that you can make while you prepare the main course.  Get some inspiration by clicking here

Iceberg Lettuce: Try preparing a few appetizers wrapped in this green delight. For example meat free crumbles wrapped in Iceberg lettuce or veggie wraps filled with cucumber and tomatoes drizzled in olive oil.  Iceberg lettuce contains an opiate that helps to active sex hormones in the body. 

Ginger Chicken: Adding ginger to your meal will assist in circulation and enhance your libido. Try this stress free recipe that will impress anyone!  Eating Well offers a few other ways you can start cooking with ginger, including cookies!

Saffron Quinoa: Saffron is known for improving one's sexual performance.  Soak this spicy ingredient and add it to Quinoa for a healthy AND sexy side dish. 

Cookie Cups Filled with Black Raspberries: This dessert is a perfect way to end the meal.  It's light and sweet not to mention this phytochemical rich food will help keep your libido going and night time activities interesting.  

Dessert smoothies: Just think you can have all the benefits of fruits and veggies but without most of the unwanted calories. Try the Nadia Murdock Fit Carrot Cake Smoothie, you won't regret it! 


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