SipaBoards Air: Paddleboard with Ease

Each year more people are discovering ways to stay active and have fun while on vacation! Why not make it convenient with your own stand-up paddle board? The workout burns anywhere between 300 and 900 calories per hour.  This summer activity helps to improve balance, increase strength and offers low impact intensity.  

The SipaBoards Air is the first integrated, self-inflating stand-up paddleboard, making it easier to transport so you don't have to haul a bulky board around or deal with pumping up an inflatable one. The board is letting everyone, whether they’re eight or 80, enjoy the sport.  

Features include: a removable, rechargeable battery and it weighs only 26 pounds when folded up. Once you activate the magnetic switch, your board pumps up to the perfect pressure – in less than five minutes. The product line includes three models: All-Rounder (paddler for all ages and ability level), Cruiser (faster model for the adventurer), and the Balance (providing stability for yogis and core training). 

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Training minds, and changing bodies!

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