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SlimClip Case is an iPhone case that helps keep your phone stylish and secure during each workout. The case performs best when clipped on to the side waistband or your workout pants or the back waistband when working out or running. This case is the perfect solution for those that are seeking a hands-free workout without the annoying accessories that tend to get in the way of your workout. NMFIT sat with Keith Hall the Product Developer of SlimClip Case to learn more about the product and how it is helping athletes and fit enthusiasts get a solid workout daily! 

NMF: How did you come up with the concept of the SlimClip Case?
Keith Hall (KH): This is an awesome question. The SlimClip Case actually came from and idea of a case that I thought already existed. The iPhone 5 first came out I had in my mind that I would go get a case that was exactly like this. I just joined the gym for the very first time in my life just prior to the iPhone 5 coming out. Before that, I was just using my Apple TV hooked up to some to some speakers (or watching a movie) for entertainment during exercise at home. What I found was that when I went to the gym with my old iPhone 4 was that I really enjoyed listening to music or podcasts while I was working out. The problem I was having was that the phone kept falling out of my gym shorts pockets every time I would do like an inverted be up on a medicine ball or reverse planks on a medicine ball, etc.  So, when I went to go buy the iPhone 5 I simply thought that I would defer buying a case at the Apple Store and just go to Target or Best Buy or if that did not work out I would just go to Amazon and buy a simple slimline iPhone case that had an integrated clip to secure my phone when I work out. I'm looking at store after store and I found that what I was looking for did not exist. 

Now, had a penchant for creativity but I didn't have any idea about how to go about developing a product and getting it manufactured.  Not only that, but it wasn't nearly as easy to engineer nor produce as I thought it would be. It's can become a long and circuitous story so all summarize it all up by saying that I created it for me. 

From the initial concept to the completion of a viable product sample took several months and during that time I started noticing that there was a lot of other people having the same problem. At the gym alone I was noticing that a lot of women with stuffing their iPhones into their bra or in their waistband. I notice a lot of people we're using an armband - so I went and bought one of those for myself.  I personally hated it.  The armband didn't work for me. It was either too tight or was too loose or was too itchy or is too hot or headphone wires (are those going extinct now?) we're getting all tangled and slapping me in the face when I have the armband on. I ended up throwing the armband in the trash. When I went out with my wife to the park to go walking I was noticing that a lot of people were just sharing their iPhones in their hand and " death gripping" the iPhone while they went on their runs.  All of this was just more confirmation that I wasn't the only one having this dilemma. 

NMF: Why do you think this accessory appeals to fitness lovers and athletes? 
KH: I think that SlimClip Case appeals to fitness love is an athlete because it's such a simple solution. What I mean by that is that it's not intrusive upon a persons workout and fitness regimen. There is no need to bring along another accessory or apparatus. You just use the same case as been on your phone all day and all night to simply clip it on and go about your fitness regimen or activity. That's why we've adopted the #ClipandGo   

NMF: I love this line on your companies page: We develop our products around personal experiences with functionality, beautiful style, and quality construction at the top of our development priorities. I think this is what many fitness enthusiasts look for when seeking products for their lifestyle. How has your fit audience responded to the SlimClip Case? 

NMFIT Rocking the SlimClip Case in pink. 

NMFIT Rocking the SlimClip Case in pink. 

KH: Most people who we encounter (especially in personal events like races) are really surprised that I've never heard of it or that is such a simple solution to securing an iPhone while they run or workout. The next most common response we get (mostly online or in our email box) is how surprised they are that it works as well as it does. A lot of people tend to assume that the handstand image that we have on our website and a lot of our ad images is an illusion or some sort illusion of photoshop I guess but then they email us saying "Wow, I was surprised it stayed on so well and so comfortably because it looks so simple".  It's funny and it's joy to be able to give people something that they use and enhances their day if even just a small fraction. 
Everyday, I'm thinking of some other way we can add to that enhancement for our small growing community and what will be the next enhancement we can give value to our two core groups of fans (SlimClip Case & LuxBox Case).

NMF: What new things do you have coming up at The Wonderful Things Factory? 
KH: Right now, we developing a few other enhancements to the SlimClip Case line that will provide even more value in the next generation of iPhone. I don't want to get into details about what those enhancements will be right now but when iPhone 7 comes out will be ready to announce that. Also, very shortly will be expanding our brand apparel lines with some really cool products. In the not so distant future, we will definitely be entering into the iPad, MacBook, and into bags too.  For the time being the focus is on serving our customers and bringing the best value possible!

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