SoJo Spa Club an Affordable Luxurious Experience

What is the best way to offer yourself the experience of a luxurious spa at an affordable price? Spa clubs like SoJo Spa gives guests the opportunity to experience high-end services, several sauna treatments and a chance to escape at a price that won't break the bank. SoJo is located in Edgewater, NJ and grabbing the attention of goers both in the NJ and NYC.  So what's all the hype about? Continue reading to learn more. 


NMFIT: What makes your spa club unique?

SoJo Spa Club: The facilities at SoJo and the breadth of amenities we offer are what makes us unique. We are one of the largest spas in the U.S. Built from the ground up, SoJo offers eight levels of wellness amenities spread across 140,000 square feet. So the sheer scope of all the pools, baths, saunas and services we offer really sets us apart from other spas in the tristate.

I’d also add that the marriage of traditional Korean bathhouse culture (from single-sex bathhouses to body scrubs) with American spa services is something that makes us truly unique. Whatever you want to get out of a spa, chances are we offer it.

NMFIT: What are the benefits of the different saunas available?  

SoJo Spa Club: We have eight unique saunas at SoJo - wet, dry, salt, red clay, white clay, charcoal, far‐infrared and ganbanyoku.   

The wet sauna is what most Americans use most commonly. It has a myriad of benefits including detoxification, muscle relaxation, lowered blood pressure and skin cleansing. 

The outdoor dry sauna echoes the traditions of the Finnish sauna houses often built in close proximity to natural water by offering the detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits of the sauna.

The Himalayan Salt Sauna is constructed with salt bricks formed free of toxins and pollutants, giving them their unique pink coloring. Unlike traditional hot saunas, the salt sauna helps users perspire from deep within the body at a relatively lower temperature, assisting with detoxification.

The red clay sauna uses a type of clay that has been used for centuries around the world for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits, including helping to increase blood circulation and oxygenation and releasing internal toxins from the pores and muscles.

White clay is a natural mud that stimulates the lymphatic system, assists in the detoxification process of chemical exposure, and aids with the treatment fatigue and achy muscles.

The charcoal sauna uses lump wood charcoal made of Korean oak with all traces of water and vaporous elements removed through heat, so it burns purely with no emissions. Charcoal helps absorb and eliminate toxins, with the heat energy relaxing stiffness and tension while increasing metabolism and energy.

The far-infrared sauna provides the health benefits of natural sunlight without the hazardous effects of solar radiation. The deep heat raises your core body temperature, helping to improve blood circulation and assist in recovery from fatigue.

Ganbanyoku, or bedrock bathing, is a unique Japanese hot stone therapy experienced by lying down on a heated black mineral slab. Pressure points in contact with the stones are stimulated to alleviate joint, muscular and nerve pain. Other benefits include healthier skin tone, blood circulation, and improved immune system. 


NMFIT: How often should someone include sweating into their regular lifestyle?

SoJo Spa Club: Sweating a few times a week from working out or exercise is a great thing, not just for physical reasons but emotional and mental health as well. If you can add on a relaxing visit to a sauna (or to multiple saunas, if you visit SoJo!), all the better. 

Generally the greatest health benefits from sauna use are experienced when people can have 3-4 sessions a week, however, there are noticeable benefits including relief from muscle soreness and nerve pain and improvements to overall skin condition after even one session.

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