Stylish and Sporty Vintage Sneaker Looks

There are just some sneakers that have a timeless appeal and should always be in rotation when it comes to styling casual looks. Although some of these footwear options may vary in price, you find comfort in knowing you are rocking sneakers that have continue to remain a fashion must have no matter what the current trend may be. Here are few options worth investing in.

Adidas Superstar 80’s and Adidas Stan Smith

The 1980’s is making a serious comeback in the fashion world. However, these iconic Adidas looks are just the same as the day they made them. Musical superstars made the footwear brand extremely popular showcasing the rubber shell toe sneaker in endless color combinations.  Another popular and timeless design from the brand is The Stan Smith collection. The design is straightforward and clean which is probably why it has remained so popular over the years.

Air Jordan 1

Once again an iconic sneaker from the 1980’s continues to capture the attention of consumers.  The Air Jordan 1 has a casual sporty appeal that can give most looks the right amount of edge with a laid back feel. From the hip-hop community to hipsters, you can find this sneaker be worn everywhere to this day.

Nike Air Force 1

Next to the Air Jordan, the Air Force One might be the most iconic Nike sneaker that includes the well-known Swoosh. Over the years the design has been updated to include a multitude of colors and designs. However,  ]the monochromatic white-on-white seems to remain a crowd favorite. The clean and casual construction of the sneaker is ready for just about any and every situation.

Puma Suede

The Puma classic is one of the brands most basic designs that has been a longstanding cornerstone of the Puma brand. The suede sneaker is offered in an array of colors and affordable making it easy to stock up on this iconic piece.

Converse Chuck Taylor

It doesn't get more simple than the Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers. No bell and whistles with this vintage option, which is part of the appeal. These sneakers debuted in the early 1900’s and have been around ever since.

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