Sustainability for the Fit and Healthy

TechStyle NYC shared some of the top wellness brands in the lifestyle industry. If you are paying attention to what you are putting in your body and how to stay healthy chances are you will want to concentrate on making your entire well-being a healthy one.

As a fairly new mom, I have been applying this mindset more and more because I want to set a good example for my little one. Having a healthy well-being is your entire lifestyle, take a look at few of my top picks below!

The Ultimate Cuff


Why should you sacrifice your style when it comes to maintaining a healthy well-being? You shouldn't! The Ultimate Cuff has come-up with a solution that not only will keep you stylish but will also encourage you to stay on track with your fitness regime. Creative Director Tiffany Castillo says: We created The Ultimate Cuff to ensure that women should never have to sacrifice their personal style — or their steps.  I love this statement, I am sure with this in mind many fashionistas are crossing over and becoming a fit fashionista! 

A Genies Dream


Having your period is something that you should never be ashamed about and A Genies Dream is helping women overcome that stigma! Not only is helping to get rid of the negative attachment to your monthly cycle but helping you get through that week with healthy goodies and pampering must-haves. 

I asked founder Allison Gondoli how has your subscription service changed the way women view health and wellness routine? She explains: It's changed the way we view our natural bodies. Instead of shaming ourselves that we are in our period. We are celebrating it!

What a great message and an excellent way to encourage female empowerment! 

K. Carroll


So not only have K.Carroll bags helped keep me put together between meetings and teaching classes but it also has kept me protected? How may you ask? All the bags from the past two collections and moving forward will have that RFID lining. This is essential for keeping credit cards safe and really helps to make them stand out as a brand and set them apart from other Vegan bags.

Yes did I mention the bags are made from vegan leather! Affordable, stylish and vegan...perfection!

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