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Resisting the Sedentary Lifestyle: How to Stay Fit When You’re Super Busy at Work

We all know how easy it is to fall into the same pattern of work, eat, sleep, repeat, without giving much thought to keeping ourselves fit and active. However, looking after your fitness and keeping on top of your health is incredibly important for our overall health. If you find yourself constantly working and chained to your desk, take a look at these helpful tips that can get you moving regardless of how buys you are.

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The Lifestyle Solutions That Suit Your Goals

You’re either going to be that type of person who is so focused on dieting and meeting their goals, or you’re going to be the type of person who never really diets, but when summer is coming round, tries a week or two of healthy eating, and rewards themselves with a few weeks of eating what they want. Whichever person you are continue reading for the right tips to get you started or keep you on track.

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The Complex Relationship Between Injuries, Fitness, And Stress

As we all know, from experience, and as science backs up, exercise is great for our mental health. It calms us; it helps us sleep, it creates a good chemical balance by releasing endorphins, and it lifts our mood. As such, it should be no surprise that when we’re unable to exercise due to an injury, our mental health can take a hit, not just our physical fitness. Continue reading to learn the relationship between injuries, fitness and stress.

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