Tap Into Your Tennis Player Strength

Styled by:  Marlie Massena , find this look at  Bloomingdale’s Short Hills

Styled by: Marlie Massena, find this look at Bloomingdale’s Short Hills

I stopped by Cheddar TV to share my  top 4 workouts that can get you ready for the tennis court and overall strength off the court too!

4 Simple Wimbledon Worthy Workouts:

Tabata Workout: This workout is 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for three rounds. Tabata will help to maintain and increase your endurance so you can keep up with your opponent. 

A sample workout for you to try:

  • Push ups (20 seconds). 

  • Bent over row using a resistance tube (20 seconds). 

  • Jumping lunge (20 seconds). 

Adding resistance bands: Bands can be used to help with injury prevention and strength training. Below are simple moves that you can start doing today! Some resistance workouts include:

  • Seated row.

  • Wrist rotations and/or wrist extensions.

  • Forward crab walk.

Purposeful ab exercises: Having a strong core (the powerhouse of the body) will help to support the body on and off the tennis court. Below is a variation of planks that are ideal for every tennis player and fitness lover. 

  • Beginner: Forearm Plank (modification drop to your knees). 

  • Intermediate: Plank with opposite arm and leg lift (modification drop to your knees). 

  • Advanced: Side plank with hip drops (modify by putting the bottom leg on one knee). 

Strength training: Strength is essential for improving balance and power. You want to make sure that your ab routine focuses on targeted muscles used in playing tennis.

  • Alley Hops: Helps with lateral movement and stabilization. 

  • Chair Squats: Builds lower body strength.

  • Weighted Lunges: Strengthens the legs to allow power on the court. 

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