The Benefits of A Good Sweat

We all know the basics of a good sweat, it burns calories and detoxifies the body.  But did you know that sweating can help strengthen the immune system? We sweat to prevent our body from overheating, it's our natural cooling system. The body has over 2 million eccrine glands scattered all over the body, these glands are the powerhouse for producing sweat.  Below are a few friendly reminders as to why you should be breaking a sweat daily. 

Lowers blood pressure: Consuming too much sodium in your diet can easily cause high blood pressure.  By altering your diet to include more low-sodium options and getting a decent sweat you can lower high blood pressure. Note: It's important to hydrate properly when you know you are going to be putting in a good sweat! 

Detox: Not only does sweating unclog pores  but it's also known to detoxify the entire body. Environmental toxins that include lead, mercury and arsenic can build up in the body over time causing significant health problems. Hitting the sauna for at least 15-30mins, 4 times a week will keep your body cleansed. Note: Make sure to hydrate! 

Good-bye calories: I don't know about you but walking out of the gym drenched in sweat is usually my goal.  If you are sweating that means you are burning more calories than if you weren't sweating. Try adding new workouts to break a sweat regularly like spin, kickboxing or a GRIT class!


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