Nadia Murdock Fit Better Sex Workout Tips

This Valentine's Day keep things steamy in the bedroom and the gym with my Better Sex Workout Tips!  These moves will get you in shape for in and out of the bedroom and spring time which is just around the corner. 

NMFIT Better Sex Workout Tips

Work it in and out of the bedroom!

Work it in and out of the bedroom!

Improve your flexibility through simple static stretches that can be done at home and even in bed! Static stretches help to improve flexibility and also a great way to prevent injury should your bedroom routine get a bit too frisky. Start adding these muscle lengthening stretches and being impressing your partner immediately. 

  • Quadtricep Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Pectoralis Stretch

Improve your stamina with everyday exercises that can get your heart racing in and outside of the bedroom. Depending how long the "race" is you want to make sure you can keep up, right? Adding workouts like Kickboxing, Spin,HITT and agility training are ideal for getting the blood pumping. Avoiding routine is also ideal so make sure to mix it up by switching up your workouts. 

Tone Up (To Feel Better With Less Clothing On): If you look good you feel good, workouts that improve posture not only make you look taller but sexier too! With a little bit of upper body strength you might be able to tackle some daring moves without collapsing.  By simply adding weights to your regular routine at least 3 times a week ideally 5 you will begin to see results in no time.

  • Tricep dips off the bed (make sure your wrists are properly supported)
  • Push ups
  • Bicep curls with a 5-8lb dumbbells (a heavier weight depending on your fitness level)
  • The beloved squats will help keep your legs strong and your derriere round. 

Boost Your Self Confidence: Dance is one of the best (fun) ways to break a sweat and introduce a few new moves into the bedroom. Whether it's Zumba, Hip-Hop or Ballet you might pick up a thing or two for your next strip tease. Dancing is a great way to define your midsection and shake your hips not to mention just let loose. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


Training minds, changing bodies!

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