The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health & Happiness

Feeling swamped, overwhelmed, tired but still need to get stuff done? in Adita Yrizarry-Lang’s book The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health & Happiness: Super Powers she discusses nutrition, exercise , sleep and happiness, proving you can achieve all these things with the right guidance. The book is filled with affirmations, tips, recipes , workouts and more! Helping the reader tap into their Super Powers is her goal to know that happiness and wellness is an achievable goal.

Adita is a SuperPower aficionado and mother of 2. With over 30 years of experience in health and wellness, her endeavors include biomechanics and resistance training expert to nutritional guru, mind-body coach, and author. Adita holds a degree in Holistic Nutrition, is a certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and health professional. She is driven to help you live a healthy, inspired, happy life.

Continue reading my interview with Adita to learn more about her and her wellness journey.


NMF: Has fitness always been a major part of your life or was there a catalyst/point in your life when you made it more of a focus and priority?

Adita: Yes and No, I started in fitness when I was 16. My mother and I had a challenging relationship and group exercise was suggested as a bonding time. Although it did not help with the bonding, it did create a new athleticism that I never had before. Fitness became the catalyst that opened up this shy, un-athletic girl and gave me the confidence to workout and inspire healthy living in others. Soon after that, a car accident left me 2 inches shorter with a broken back, my new found fitness knowledge empowered me even more. I realized the true importance of muscular strength and endurance as it related to day to day activities and recuperation. From that point on I specialized in helping injured individuals to strengthen their bodies as a means of alleviating pain and discomfort.

NMF: What are a few of your go-to healthy snacks/drinks that help keep you on the straight and narrow?

Adita: I must say I am a foodie, I love to cook and eat yummy things, but I believe that food is also fuel. When I choose a snack or drink I want it to empower my body with great nutrition. My drink of choice is a fine brew of Kombucha, a green smoothie, or even a hot cup of chai tea. As for snacks, raw almond butter and an apple is the easiest and quickest solution for sustained energy. Dates filled with almond butter also work very well, but if I have a bit more time Hemp Hummus in a wrap or as a dip gets the job done with a few choice veggies.

NMF: How do you train your mind and stay motivated?

Adita: Meditation to me is the reset button of my day. My goal is to clear my mind of all the chatter. I do this with guided meditation, a mindfulness practice, motivational videos, or the simplicity of an amazing coloring book.

NMF: How do you change your body?

Adita: When I started in fitness, I would have said that weight training was my main staple. Now after 2 kids and multitasking beyond control, I realize that healthy, unprocessed foods work hand in hand with my exercise choices. I walk up stairs, carry groceries, and then slip in the gym here and there, drink tons of water and keep my food choices with little to any sugar, flour, or dairy.

NMF: What are your fitness favorites?

Adita: Weight training is my first love, the more muscle you have on your body the easier it is to burn calories doing your day to day activities. Next up, Yoga and Pilates help to keep stress at bay, increase strength, and enhance great posture throughout the day as well, so combining all of these is my favorite thing of all.

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