The ECLIPSE Roller is a New Way to Soothe Sore Muscles

I am sure you already know the importance of foam rolling and have made it a part of your everyday fitness regime. If you aren't familiar with this stretching technique, it's an excellent form of self-massage to help repair your muscles post workout.  To learn more about foam rolling and a few moves you can practice at home check out my article on the Lucille Roberts Blog

Sure traditional foam rollers are great but if you are looking for a greater return on your foam rolling practice the ECLIPSE Roller can do just that. The ECLIPSE ROLLER is the most versatile foam rolling and myofascial release tool ever made.  It is designed to hit hard to reach spots and target multiple muscles at the same time helping to dramatically cut down on rolling time. NMFIT sat with in-house expert and trainer Brad Cox to learn more about the ECLIPSE and the benefits of using this roller daily. 

NMF: When did you first come up with the concept of the ECLIPSE Foam Roller? What was lacking in traditional foam rollers that encouraged you to create this product?

Brad Cox (BC): We came up with the idea for the ECLIPSE Roller two years ago while working with patients in our sports medicine clinic.  At the time, we were using traditional foam rollers and realized that there was no roller that could target the body in the way we needed.  

Our goal was to revolutionize the entire concept for what a foam roller could be and create a roller that could target muscles in a way that no existing product could, and at the same time reduce rolling time.  The component of rolling time was a big part of our design process because every athlete in our clinic complained that traditional rolling took too much time.

The ECLIPSE Roller is designed to be able to target muscular restrictions and trigger points anywhere in the body and provide both direct and variable side compression.  We have a patent pending for this entire concept of variable side compression.  This aspect of both direct and side compression allows people to target multiple muscles at once and with small angle changes either target a specific restricted spot or do more of a dispersed rolling.  

NMF: Who should be using the ECLIPSE Foam Roller?

BC: The ECLIPSE Roller was tested on hundreds of professional and amateur athletes in our Clinic and is designed to be the next evolution in foam rolling.  The ability to target specific spots anywhere in the body allows for advanced rolling techniques and huge variability in the type of pressure used.  The great thing about this design is that it provides the ability to use different types of pressure based on need, and thus is suitable for the average person or the elite athlete looking for a more targeted and useful myofascial release tool.  Because the design is so revolutionary, people who are accustomed to just getting on a roller and moving back and forth have to spend some time getting used to the new angles and opportunities that this roller presents for different kinds of muscle work.  We provide educational videos on our website to teach people how to use the roller on every part of the body at ACUMOBILITY.COM.  

NMF: What are the benefits from using this roller?

BC: Foam rolling on the ECLIPSE Roller can help to relieve trigger points and muscular restrictions, and improve range of motion and flexibility.  The variable side compression and pressure strips also help to reduce overall rolling time by targeting multiple muscles at once and can help to increase lymphatic drainage and reduce muscle soreness and restriction for better recovery.

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