The Golf Workout

Soon your weekends will be filled with golf outings, don't wait until you have teamed up with friends to nail the perfect golf swing!  Below you will find a few tips when it comes getting ready for golf season. 

What to wear: Adidas offers an amazing selection when it comes to female golf apparel.  The pieces are figure flattering, trendy and comfortable. 


According to ACE you want to focus on workouts that increase strength and flexibility.  "The energy for your golf swing comes from the muscles in your torso -- not your arms," says major championship winner Suzann Petterson in "Shape" magazine.  Below you will find a few workouts that will get you in tip top shape before your next golf outing. 

Strength training drills should focus on the core, legs, hips and shoulders. 

Glute Bridge

Flexibility drills gets you loosened up in the back and hips. 

Standing Trunk Rotations

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