The Lifestyle Solutions That Suit Your Goals

You’re either going to be that type of person who is so focused on tweaking your lifestyle and meeting their goals, or you’re going to be the type of person that is never really concerned about their lifestyle habits, but when summer is coming round, tries a week or two of healthy eating, and rewards themselves with a few weeks of eating what they want. Whichever one you fall into, a fitness goal should always be based around a goal. At the minute, goals for women in particular seem to be changing. Women are now looking to tone up and build muscle mass, especially in the legs and glutes. Which is a great thing, but so many people are uneducated as to what diet is going to work for what goal. You can run on the treadmill all you want, and lift weights like no tomorrow. But if your diet doesn’t suit your goal, you’re never truly going to see that goal shine through. So, we’re going to list a few diets that suit a few different goals, and show you exactly what you should be aiming for.


Toning Up

Toning up is high on people's agenda at the minute, because some are looking for a more toned physique, without crossing into the territory of muscled. One that can help you achieve that perfectly, is the paleo diet. It’s such a healthy diet to adopt as it cuts out everything manmade, and bring us back to the stone ages. Fresh vegetables, meats, and certain seeds are on the table. There are simple amazing Paleo recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner! It cuts out processed fats and sugars, and just anything bad for your body. It’s an easy diet to maintain.

Losing Weight

This is the most common agenda for people looking to make a difference in their health. Losing weight can be a struggle for many people instantly reverting to salads and a non carb diet isn’t always the best option. You may find yourself literally starving, making it far easier to go back to snacking. What we’d suggest, is trying the intermittent fasting diet. Eating only between the hours of 1pm and 9pm works best. It’s basically eating throughout eight hours of the day, and fasting the rest. Starting with your first meal after midday, and working out in the morning before work, is the best way to intermittent fast. It means your body isn’t working around the clock to digest foods, making it easier to digest the foods it does when you do eat, and meaning the pounds will drop off you far quicker. You can’t eat junk food during those eight hours though, so keep it as clean as possible.

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