The Perfect Snack for Super Bowl...Guilt Free!

Looking for the perfect snack on game night this weekend?  Ips Chips are packed with nutrition, a healthy alternative to your traditional everyday snack and will keep you energized while you cheer on your favorite team! Did I mention it's guilt free? 

If you are attending a Super Bowl party this weekend it can be hard to avoid the temptation that surrounds you. This is why I like to offer to bring something knowing there will be at least one healthy option for me to nosh on. 

Most people can agree that the best part of football season is the socializing with fellow football lovers and the yummy food usually associated with a football party.  It can be easy to lose track of what you’re munching on while chatting with friends and keeping an eye on the score. Ips Chips helps with making smarter decisions without depriving your taste buds! 

Most health food lovers are told by others that healthy snacks have no taste, well that is not the case with Ips! Their snacks are gluten free and come in four flavors making it easy for even the potato chip lover to dip into a bag of this yummy snack.

NMFIT and other fitness professionals are loving Ips not just for it's taste but nutrional value too!

Celebrity trainer and fitness and nutrition expert Michelle Lovitt swears by Ips Chips and Ips Pop as THE ultimate post-workout snack. She says:

Ips Chips and Ips Pop are amazing post-workout recovery snacks because they are easy to eat, taste amazing, have 6 grams of protein per serving that is rapidly absorbed by the body because it is not a solid protein, like chicken, steak or turkey, and does not need to be broken down before the body can absorb it. Ips uses whey protein which is the most rapidly absorbed protein by the body. This helps lower cortisol levels and immediately begins muscle repair. Carbohydrates are needed in conjunction with protein enabling your body to restore muscle glycogen that was depleted while you worked out. If your post workout meal doesn’t contain carbs, your body may actually instead break down muscle tissue for this same purpose.

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