The “Work Out Effect” Is A Solution To Combat Tech Stress

Having trouble with your printer or slow computer? In a study conducted by 24 Hour Fitness, it was revealed that millions of Americans are suffering from ‘tech stress,’ experiencing at least two malfunctions a day.  From weak Wi-Fi connectivity and poor cell signals to temperamental office printers and computers, 65 percent of U.S. adults say they regularly lose their cool because of unreliable technology. We have all been there, I know I have!

What are your technology stressors? Whether you are at work or at home, the smallest thing like pop-up ads, password issues or slow downloads can have your blood pressure skyrocket.   These little issues can add up and ultimately take a toll on our physical wellbeing.  

Stress from technology breakdown has a physical effect, with four in ten saying they’ve experienced a stiff neck brought on by stress, one in four are hampered by achy joints and muscles and over a quarter suffer from stress-induced migraines.  These ailments have increased the need to battle stress with gym workouts, yoga and getting extra rest, featured among the best remedies.

“Fitness goals are about more than exercise.  At 24 Hour Fitness, we believe the time you spend in the gym helps make the life you lead outside the best it can be, and that includes helping you deal with the daily stress of technology breakdown,” said Mike Carney, Vice President, Marketing, 24 Hour Fitness.

31 percent of participants in the survey say they work out to combat modern stress.  The most popular methods to reduce stress were walking or listening to music.  In fact, 57 percent feel they get a mental boost from working out and four in ten feel emotional benefits.  The ‘workout effect’ as a solution to combat tech stress lasts for over four hours.  Well over a third of those surveyed said if they don’t exercise regularly, they feel more stressed and pent up.


1.    Slow devices

2.    Computer/program crash

3.    Slow downloads

4.    Poor cell signal

5.    Weak/spotty Wi-Fi

6.    Dropped calls

7.    Printer jam

8.    Forgetting password

9.    Viruses

10.  Error messages

11.  Spam/Popup ads

12.  Low/Dead battery

13.  Login/Signup problems

14.  Long page upload

15.  Accidentally deleting files

16.  Delayed response

17.  Overheating

18.  Video lagging

19.  Device won't turn on

20.  Missing files

21.  Never receive text message

22.  Power cable won't charge

23.  Hard drive/ memory card corruption

24.  Device keeps restarting

25.  Photo storage issues


1.    Laptop

2.    Desktop computer

3.    Smartphone

4.    Printer

5.    TV

6.    DVD / Blu Ray

7.    IPad/Tablet

8.    Digital camera

9.    Video game console

10.  GPS

CALCULATIONS: Two tech stresses a day- 730 a year x 56 adult years = 40,880

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