TIMEX MK1 The Ideal Lifestyle Watch

Killer workout to celebrate TIMEX MK1

Killer workout to celebrate TIMEX MK1

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Need an idea for the fit and stylish person in your life? I am currently obsessed with the TIMEX MK1 watch, the large watch face, comfortable band, and fashionable colors are just a few of the features I am obsessing over. 

I had an opportunity to learn more about the watch at their press preview and workout at Tone House. Fellow editors and bloggers put their watch to test during this intense workout.  I sat with TIMEX to discuss the latest addition of the MK1 and how it is the perfect fit for the healthy and fashionable like myself!

NMFIT: What makes this watch an ideal option for those that live an active lifestyle?

TIMEX: The light-weight nature of this watch is why it would be ideal for a very active person.  Both aluminum and nylon are so light that the watch feels “barely there” when worn.  Aluminum is a very durable material.  The nylon strap will dry quickly when exposed to moisture and could be cleaned by hand if the need arose.  The clean, high contrast dial can be read with a glance, even in low-light conditions with the activation of the INDIGLO night-light.  Finally, the battery life is estimated at 9 years +….meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing it for almost a decade.

File_000 (11).jpeg

NMFIT: What is the price point for these watches?

TIMEX: The reference retail is $79.00

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NMFIT: What's next for the line?

TIMEX: MK1 Aluminum is actually the 2nd edition for the MK1 collection.  The initial launch was in the original 36m size in Resin case material.  That version did not have the INDIGLO night-light feature and was intended aesthetically to closely follow the original version from 1982.  MK1 Aluminum takes the original design and updates the watch to current day tastes in size and the benefits of modern materials and movement features.  In Fall 2018, the 3rd edition will include a third case material – Stainless Steel, but will still retain the dial treatment and domed acrylic crystal, which are focal points of the original design from 1982.  

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