Tips from Geri Hirsch of LEAFtv

Geri Hirsch is the founder of Because I am Addicted and the co-founder of LEAFtv. LEAF offers a plethora of how to videos on living, eating and fashion!  Below are are few tips from Gerri just in time for the new year. 

NMF: With New Year's Eve just a few days a way what is your perfect skinny cocktail?   

GH: The holidays are packed with high calorie cocktails (egg-nog, spiked hot chocolate, etc.) and if you can't resist them completely limit it to just one. Otherwise, a 4 ounce glass of bubbly is always festive and only 85 calories and if you want the hard stuff keep it clean and sugar free - something like vodka, soda and lime.

Gerri Hirsch

Gerri Hirsch

NMF: With such a busy schedule how do you eat healthy on the go?

GH: I'm a huge food adventurer but when it comes to eating during the day I stick to my usual suspects. It keeps things healthy and defaulting to the go-to's is one less decision I need to focus on.

NMF: How do you like to stay in shape?

GH: I've been doing a class where you run sprints on the treadmill for 25 minutes then finish the class with 25 minutes of Pilates. It's really hard but such a great workout! I like to pepper in hot yoga in-between those classes for a good detox and stretch.

NMF: What are your number one beauty must haves for your gym bag?

GH: Makeup remover! I can't workout with a stitch of makeup on my face, it's incredibly bad for your skin.

NMF: How do maintain a perfect blowout after a day at the gym? 

GH: I prefer hair a bit dirty - it holds better!

NMF: I love a great workout outfit, how do you add a bit of flare to your workout look? 

GH: Honestly, I'm pretty embarrassing at the gym. I cross my fingers and hope I don't see anyone in my old t-shirts from college. 

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Happy New Year!