Tone Bingo Wing Arms and Mid-Section Bulge

Nothing like the Prime Time Emmy Awards to get your motivation going and zero in on the parts of your body that might need a little TLC.  The red carpet arrivals is a great opportunity to not only observe the gorgeous gowns and dapper gentleman but to eye ball who has a rockin' bod too!  Below are a few lovely ladies that are sure to help you revamp your body sculpting routine as we approach fall and skinny jeans start becoming our everyday must-have. 

Picture courtesy  Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting on the left and Sarah Hyland on the right. 

Picture courtesy

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting on the left and Sarah Hyland on the right. 

Try the two workouts below to banish bingo wing arms and get a sculpted arms like Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting.  Select a weight that you are comfortable with but challenges you at the same time. 

Lateral Raise : Standing with your feet shoulder width apart.  Hold the dumbbells in each hand in front of you, engage your core as you slowly raise the weights no higher than your shoulders while keeping your arms straight. Perform this move for for 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Lying Extension : Lay supine on the floor with the dumbbells in each hand and arms extended. Lower your arms until your arms are bent and dumbbells are at the side of your head. That completes one rep, perform this move for 12-20 reps depending on how heavy the weight is. 

-Crop tops don't seem to be going anywhere even during the cooler months this fall.  Get a flat tummy like Sarah Hyland with the moves below. 

Double Arm Reach: This move can be done with or without weights.  If you decide to use weights for an additional challenge select 2-5lbs and work your way up.  Keeping your hands clasped and straight out in front of you stand with your feet hip width apart. Perform a pile, when you return to starting position keeping your hands clasped raise your hands over your head and bend your body to one side (keep your core engaged...this really works the obliques!), that completes one rep. Perform this move for 15-20 reps on each side.  

Side Imprint: Stand with your shoulders aligned with your hips. Keep your left hand on your left hip while your right arm is over head.  While balancing on your left leg bring your right leg up keeping it bent at 90 degrees.  Bring your right elbow down to meet your right knee while crunching your waist.  This completes one rep, do this move for 8-12 reps on each side, aim for completing 3 reps. 

Picture courtesy    Kristen Wiig on the left and Padma Lakshmi on the right. 

Picture courtesy

Kristen Wiig on the left and Padma Lakshmi on the right. 

Seeking an overall toned physique like Kristen Wiig and Padma Lakshmi? Start adding the simple Pilates routine below. 

Pilates Hundred: While laying on your back with your legs bent in table top position and your shins parallel to the floor take a deep inhale. On the exhale bring your head up to your chin, use your entire core, curl your spine off the floor as far as you can (ideally to the base of your shoulder blades) In proper form gaze down at your abs keeping the small of your back firmly on the mat.  

Holding this position inhale, on the exhale extend your arms and legs reaching forward.  Lower your legs as low as you can without losing proper form.  Take 5 short breaths in and five short breaths out at the same time move your arms in a controlled manner up and down in a pumping action. Your core is doing all the work at this point. 

Relax and repeat 10 times which equals 100! To finish bring your knees to chest and rock a side to side to massage the spine. 

Now go get your red carpet bod! 


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