Travel NMFIT Style: Keep it Fit and Healthy

Last weekend I visited Atlanta, GA for my best friends wedding.  I always have the issue of finding healthy food options when I am traveling, especially in the airport.   Over time I learned to be prepared by packing healthy options from home and making smart decisions while I'm away.  Remember you can find ways to work with what you have!  

Here are my tips for staying fit and healthy while traveling:

1. Find time for fitness!  Whether you are exploring your surroundings with a walk or checking out the hotel gym there is always an opportunity to squeeze in a workout.  If you are really crunched for time do a 10 minute workout in your hotel room, you will be so happy you did.

2. Be prepared with snacks from home.  When I know I have a trip coming up I tend to stock up on snacks that I can easily stash in my carry on.  I usually have LUNA bars,  almonds, walnuts and raisins by my side. There are so many options to help deter you from venturing off into the undesirable airport food court.  Be smart and think ahead!

3. Make fun time smart & healthy!  Just because you are being mindful of what you are putting in your body doesn't mean you can't have a good time.  You want to continue to drink plenty of water and avoid overindulgence (don't fall off the bandwagon!).  Sometimes when out with friends it's so much easier to "give in", that's when you need to dig deep!  

For example I met up with my cousins while I was in town instead of drinking whatever was available at his home (high caloric beer) I opted for Skinny Girl California Wine (only 100 calories) in lieu of traditional white wine that tends to be 140 calories for a six-ounce glass.  I selected white because although red wines are well-known for their health benefits a glass of light red is about 135-165 calories.  When you make healthy smart choices you can have a good time without the guilt. 

These tips may appear hard at first but it's about creating a healthy lifestyle.  In no time these tactics will become second nature!


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