Mom Mindset: How I holistically reset my mind as mom and entrepreneur.

Before becoming a mom using essential oils was not something I relied on or even considered. I loved the way they smelled and as a wellness expert I was often exposed to them while attending events or when a fellow expert would share their latest must-have.

What really opened my eyes to the world of essential oils was when I realized I would be responsible for the most precious thing that could happen to me, my son. I wanted to really clean up my act and start using things on my body and in the home that would benefit the entire family.


When I read the book The Mindful Mom-To Be by Lori Bregman, I was astonished by how many holistic ways I could be using oils during my pregnancy and beyond. Do you believe in fate? Well I sure do! During this time I was introduced to Aura Cacia through an industry expert. She desperately wanted time to check out the brand and felt it would really resonate with me and what I share with my audience as both an influencer and writer.  Boy was she right! The multitude of DIY beauty hacks that calmed me during my moments of stress to the oils that soothed my tired feet! Aura Cacia instantly became a household item.

After having my son Max I continued to use the oils in our home, one of my favorite items is the diffuser. It’s so versatile all year long, I have one in our family room, my office and our bedroom. The Eucalyptus oil helps to clean the air during flu season and the Lemon oil gives me the boost of energy I need when I have to pull an all nighter. Max even knows what the diffuser is and is so fascinated by the smell that fills the air.


The oils from Aura Cacia have really gotten me through some tough times from stressful moments to sleepless nights. It also regularly became a part of my self-care moments that usually take place a few times a week (I try my best to have at least three nights of this indulgence).

When I am calm and the best version of myself I can be the best mom to Max!

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