Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Styling provided by:  Bloomingdales at Short Hills

Styling provided by: Bloomingdales at Short Hills

Now that Stress Awareness Month has ended what tips and tricks will you use to implement into your lifestyle daily?  I visited WTNH in New Haven to share simple ways to alleviate stress. Below are a few of my top picks!


Create your own escape at home with luxurious items like Noble Excellence Micro Cotton Towels, made from 100% super-soft cotton, are ultra-soft and extra-absorbent cotton. These towels will give you that resort feeling.  

I love the ideas of spritzing my bathrobe with a little aromatherapy at night! Sticking to robes like the Gilligan & O'Malley™ Women's Terry Robe will feel good, these areas you shouldn't skimp on, spoil yourself!  


Pay attention to your bedtime ritual and how to score a good nights rest is so important when it comes to cutting down stressors. Including plants that aide in sleep like lavender and jasmine is such a simple quick fix. You may also want to try investing in a pillow that will have you waking up pain-free!  The Easy Breather Contour Pillow from Nest Bedding has been my go to this past month! It's made in the USA from certified foams, designed to help keep your spine and neck in proper alignment.


We all know the calming benefits of lavender that is why I have lavender rich products in abundance. Weleda Lavender Creamy Body Wash ($10) and the Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil ($22) is the best! The Creamy Body Wash contains lavender essential oils to soothe and calm your senses while cleansing.  The perfect touch to transform your shower into a spa experience before bed!  The Relaxing Body Oil can be applied all over the body post-shower for a  beautiful glow and soft, smooth skin.  I love the idea of adding it to my temples to enjoy a moment of peaceful bliss. Melt away the stress of the day with this relaxing body oil, so simple and doable! 

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Sometimes it's hard to slow it down especially if you are always trying to get a million things done. The Teasäne 28-Day Calm Regimen will help get you on track and condition you to take a breath. The kit includes a unique pairing of a proprietary blend of calming herbs with a Spirulina Complex to boost the relaxing effects of each herb while also removing toxins from the body to enhance overall bodily function.  The kit’s two teas, AM Calm and PM Calm, are packed with antioxidant-rich herbs like Nettle, Fennel, and Rose hip, to rid the body of toxins and promote healthy brain function.  


Everyone's favorite suggestion for relieving stress is usually the red wine option!  Santa Margherita Chianti Classico Riserva is an intense ruby-colored wine characterized by vigorous tannins and fresh acidity Aroma of forest fruits and sweet spice against a backdrop of herbs and autumn leaves. The best part it's super affordable and available on

Take these tips into the summer and stay stress free!

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