Wedding Season Tips: How to bond with your bridesmaid, holistically

One of the best parts about having a wedding is getting to bring together all the most important people from your life. When many of us look at our bridal parties, we see siblings, friends from childhood, bonds made in college, and many other relationships we’ve created as time passed. However, while everyone knows the bride, it is not such a given that your bridal party knows- or is as comfortable- with one another. For bridal party bonding, let's explore the alternative bachelorette party ideas, and other ways of bridal party togetherness.

non-alcoholic bridal party idea

Luckily, weddings are about love! And not just the love shared between partners, but the love shared between the people who join you at the altar, beach, city hall, or wherever else you choose to profess your love! So tell your bridesmaids to get ready, because there is some major pre-wedding bonding coming their way!

While we can’t help but love the more “traditional” ways to facilitate bridal party bonding at bachelorette parties (jello shots and pin the tail on the X, we’re looking at you), we also believe in balance. When you need a  rest break between nights out, or want to build intentional connections between your bridesmaids, you have plenty of options of how to bring more wellness and consciousness into your big day.

At wedwell, we encourage bringing health and wellness into your wedding journey for a million reasons - like emotional wellness, getting your friends to do something together for an hour without drinking, and making your journey to love a bit more intentional.

Below are four ways you can bond with your bridesmaids holistically.

bridesmaid bonding activities

1.     Bridesmaids Yoga

Yoga helps you become more in tune with yourself, your body, and your thoughts - and doing this with your girl squad can be a fun way to focus on being present, and showering yourself with love. With wedwell’s yoga sessions, you can choose what type of flow you want for your bridesmaids, and have a private consultation on your music preferences, level, and what you want out of the session (silly yoga session where everyone’s dancing by the end, or something more serious that puts life and love in perspective).

2.     Face masks

Face masks are so simple, yet so much fun! Sheet masks can be a way for us to all shed layers (literally taking our makeup off) and get glowing skin. We all look like little aliens with these sheet masks off, so it’s an instant way to have fun, be silly, take photos, and give yourself some #selfcare.

3.     Alternative healing

There are so many wellness practices to choose from today, including tarot cards, psychic readings, reiki, and more. Trying new things and getting a bit weird (or spiritual) is actually an amazing way to quickly get your bridesmaids to bond.

4.     Get into nature

Take a walk, hike, run, or even go out on paddleboards! Being outside with your bridal party, while feeling the magical force of nature, is a beautiful combination. Plus, we’re told that happier people spend more time outside, so avoid any friend drama by getting the group outdoors and in the elements.

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