Why Extreme Dieting Never Works

I think it's fair to say in the beginning of my fitness journey I experimented with some of the most extreme diets, that clearly were not the healthiest options. Two that I recall is the onion soup diet I attempted in college and the one meal a day diet I experimented with in my early twenties (What was I thinking!??). This was before I realized the importance of formulating a healthy lifestyle overall and not a quick fix.

The problem with extreme dieting is that it's an unhealthy way to see results fast. When you go this route chances are you will end up gaining back the weight (maybe more) and face the inevitable disadvantages such as depression, slower metabolism, mood changes and fatigue. 

Here are some mind and body tips the next time you are tempted to go down the quick fix path. 

Take your time: Planning out your fitness journey takes time, the capability of creating a healthy lifestyle and losing weight in a healthy fashion will allow you to see success and your less likely to gain back the weight you have lost. Your new lifestyle patterns will stick with you throughout life and that is a great reward.  

Tweak unhealthy habits: When you take a closer look at where you can make small improvements you will be surprised how small changes can make a huge difference. When I first started doing this myself I saw a change instantly!  One tweak I made was nixing juice, apple juice to be exact.  Once I omitted this sugary drink from my diet and started drinking more water I saw changes in my skin and waistline, who doesn't love that? 

Get active outside the gym: In addition to regular workouts find ways to sneak in extra fitness.  Take stairs, crunches during TV, parking your car further are all great ways to to remain and stay active. 


Training minds, changing bodies!

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