Barre classes with Nadia Murdock

Weekly classes taught Monday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings at Femme Fit click here to reserve your spot!

Barre class every Wednesday evening at 24 Hour Fitness Hasbrouck Heights at 5:30pm

Nadia Murdock Fit offers Private workouts, Workshops and classes at Freedom Within Yoga


New Additions/Special Events

Barre | Yin | Reiki Trifecta

  • Friday, April 5, 2019

  • 7:00 PM  8:30 PM

  • Iris Mind + Body1376 Pompton Ave.Bloomfield, NJ (map) To purchase tickets click here!

  • Join us for the ULTIMATE trifecta of mind/body wellness. Three amazing ladies will bring you on a journey through three amazing practices to strengthen, stretch, calm, and restore.

    Let’s start with Nadia’s barre class. In only 30 minutes, expect to walk away with a full body workout. Mimicking the actions typically performed at the ballet barre, you will learn to sculpt the lower body, the center of the body and upper body with specific isolated movements. This format is also excellent for flexibility training.

    Kristin will bridge the gap between our physical, yang workout and our wonderfully, meditative Reiki session by offering a short yin yoga stretch. The practice of yin is meant to bring balance to our overly yang lifestyles. Long held, seated postures target the deep connective tissues of the body and our fascia system.

    We will end with a group style Reiki session with Dawn designed to raise and move energy within each body and create a natural “glow up.” This will boost confidence, clear our blocks and enhance overall abundance. Dae will turn on the Reiki energy flow and begin with a visualization to surround all in pure white light. The group energy will be channeled to raise everyone’s energies.  Collectively this is powerful when good intentions are set within. We will finish by releasing this energy with simple breath work, mudra, and a mantra.

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