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Park Bench Fitness Buddy

Finding new ways to make your workout enjoyable while enjoying the outdoors can be daunting if you have no idea where to start.  Besides the regular run or walk outside there are so many other ways to get a heart pumping workout. Next time try a park bench!

  • Step up and down on the park bench (similar to a stepper) with your right foot first. Perform  8-12 reps for 3 sets on each side. 
  • Two handed tricep dips (15-25 reps).
  • One handed tricep dips 3 sets of 8-12 reps on each side.

Train your mind, change your body!

Couples Workout 

Whether it's a significant other or a workout buddy these workouts are more fun with a partner!  So grab a friend, boyfriend or your spouse and get to work. 

  • What you'll need: Ankle weights (optional) and a jump rope. Distance: 1 mileTime: 30mins 
  • Your partner will start out with ankle weights at the half way point you will switch. 

For every block that you walk one person will do 30 reps with the jump rope while the other person will perform a different exercise which include squats, high knees in place, one steps ( during your walk find a stair case and run up and down that one step. If you can't find steps use a street curb!)

Train your mind, change your body!

Easter Sunday Workout

Since I was hosting Easter Sunday dinner I needed to make my workout a good one in a short amount of time.  Check out my 30 min workout below!

  • 10 min warm-up on the treadmill with 2-3lb ankle weights (1st 5 minutes incline at 4.0 at 3.4 speed and 2nd 5 minutes at a 6.0 incline 4.0 speed).
  • Weighted jump rope circuit: 30 seconds of jumping rope between arm sculpting routine.

Arm Sculpting Routine includes:

  • Bicep Curls: 3 sets with a 15lbs
  • One Arm Row : 3 sets on each side with 8-10lbs 

Train your mind, change your body!

Ankle Weights Workout

Sometimes the mundane routine on the treadmill gets a bit boring so I like to switch it up every so often! 

Cardio: 20 minutes on the treadmill with ankle weights (2-3lb). I vary the incline and speed depending on what other cardio workouts I have planned for that day. 

I do three sets of 12-15 reps of the following exercises with the ankle weights on!

  • Doggy hydrant 
  • Kneeling straight leg lifts
  • Kneeling kickbacks 

Train your mind, change your body!