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Nadia's enthusiasm is infectious. She really listens to her clients and helps them to co-create a program that gets them off the couch and moving toward their fitness goals.

Elaine G. Flores


I loved taking Nadia's Zumba class.  It doesn't feel like working out, cause it's so much fun.  She has showed me how to improve my health with great tips on exercise and eating better.  She's the real deal when it comes to fitness.

Dionne Ferguson


I've been taking Nadia's barre class for over a year. She is a wonderful, and a dedicated instructor. She challenges all of her students, and pushes us to our best of our potential.  My body has changed for the better. I even dropped a couple of dresses sizes. I can fit into a medium! My endurance, and balance  is getting better in her class.  She is truly my barre guru!  I love your class, Nadia! Thanks you for caring!

Sabrina G.


I started working out with Nadia Murdock in January 2017 twice a week although it feels longer. From January until now, my body has changed drastically. I have more energy and the compliments come  everyday. Nadia’s workouts are phenomenal. She has not only helped my body frame , but my diabetes A1C level has dropped too!

Mary Hodge Lee/Ms. Nadia's # 1 Fan


You are an impressive, truly dedicated person and what's even more impressive is your positive attitude, kind heart and limitless enthusiasm. Won't miss your class for the world and just keep me posted when and where. Thank you so so much again!

Uliana Lysychko


I really have enjoyed the training sessions and although there were days that I didn't want to get my booty up - you make it better. Much appreciated.  Here's to smaller thighs, a leaner belly and strong shoulders!  

and...a healthier life.  




Nadia is an amazing trainer and fitness coach. She's extremely knowledgeable and created a workout plan for me that push me to reach my goals. I lost 20 pounds with her help and I'm only have 15 pounds left to lose from my target goal. I'm loving this new lifestyle and I feel amazing. I have so much more energy!"

Rose Wheeler


You have been awesome for my blog Neon Notebook, all your posts do really well! Thanks again for being supportive….I think your post do so well because you are young, so they translate well to the audience of my blog. You make the posts really targeted, which my readers love.

Rebekah Epstein


Nadia's routines, are kicking my butt, in the best possible way. Am I sore, yes...but I know I know it will pay off, and I feel stronger everyday.

Jackie Deos


I always follow Nadia on Twitter, she has inspired my friend and I to get toned! We started using some of her workout tips yesterday and our arms are soooo sore! 

Brittany Winter


I've been doing some circuit training, and I think about your story often.  I guess that means you've inspired me to go farther with my fitness!  Thank you!

Lindri Henegar Rivera

Working out with Nadia has been the best experience I ever had with exercising. She motivates you and pushes you to the limit that you know that you are capable of. I have energy I never had before thanks to her. I was never able to do a single push up before now I am proud to say I can. I'm motivated and more excited to work out every chance I get and have a healthier lifestyle all thanks to her! 

Adriana Dushaj

It took a five minute conversation to realize how amazing and sincere Nadia is. She is infused with positive energy and her deep desire to help bring my fitness goals to life.